“Brenda Maguire, who spent fall semester of 2010 with us, was, by far, the strongest of the 25+ interns I have worked with during my time at She was professional, competent, bright and always had an upbeat attitude, no matter the task she was charged with. During the time that Brenda was interning with CSNPhilly, our always-taxed editorial staff was able to spend time on longer-term projects we have, in the past, had to ignore. She was dependable, trustworthy and capable.

When Brenda left our staff this winter, her absence was immediately felt. I would not hesitate to recommend Brenda for any opportunity in the digital/journalism sphere that she might be interested in – and would, in a heartbeat, invite her to intern with again if the opportunity presented itself.”
-Sarah Baicker, Flyers manager/digital producer at, February 2011 (View Full Reference by Sarah Baicker)

“Brenda was an intern at CSNPhilly and did a wonderful job. She worked well with the entire staff and was a pleasure to be around. Her work while with CSN was great also. She completed any task given to her and did so without hesitation.”
-Dave Zangaro, Web Producer at, September 2011

“Throughout the duration of Brenda’s time working as a correspondent for Berks-Mont Newspapers, she displayed her writing prowess through the articles she composed. Brenda also submitted her stories by the assigned deadlines and I would certainly utilize her services again should another opportunity for such a partnership arise.”
-Brian Dowlin, Editor at Berks-Mont Newspapers, November 2011

“Reporter Brenda Maguire did a wonderful job researching the statistics and collecting anecdotes from same-sex couples in the state.”
-Printed in the Connecticut Lesbian and Gay Law by Attorney Irene C. Olszewski of the The Law Offices of Irene C. Olszewski, LLC, November 2011

“Brenda worked as our intern in the newsroom, but fit in more like a staff writer. Her news sense was spot on and her ability to meet deadlines and handle multiple projects made her an effective and valued part of our team of reporters and editors. Brenda has a fun, outgoing and positive personality, combined with the utmost professionalism and a strong work ethic. She is well versed in all aspects of digital and social media and can relate well to people from varied backgrounds. I would recommend Brenda for any type of reporting role and online/social media management position. She is a pleasure to work with and would be an asset to any organization.”
-Elizabeth Newberg, Community Editor, Special Sections Editor and Staff Writer at the New Britain Herald and The Bristol Press, December 2011

“It isn’t often that a college intern can step into the role of full-time staff writer, but Brenda Maguire managed to achieve that on her first full day with the New Britain Herald. She made the front page with her coverage of Tropical Storm Irene which had paralyzed the region with power outages that, in some cases, lasted days. There wasn’t a story or a project that she wasn’t able to handle with ease from broad features on gay marriage to statistical information on damages caused by a crippling snowstorm in late October. She was prompt and dependable and a pleasure to work with at all times. We miss her dearly and would certainly have her back on a full-time basis at any point in the future.”
-Lisa Backus, Crime Reporter at the New Britain Herald and The Bristol Press, January 2012 (View Full Reference by Lisa Backus)

“Brenda worked for me as a correspondent with the Tri County Record for nearly two years, and in her time there she was one of the top writers working for the publication. Her work was strong, her manner professional and her timing in turning around an assignment was exemplarily. I believe that Brenda has a very bright future ahead of her and highly recommend her for any and all work within the scope of her journalistic skill set.”
-Justin Finneran, Former Editor at the Tri County Record, September 2013