Keeping His Friends Close: Dylan Owen Talks New EP

By on Jan 9, 2012

In high school, Dylan Owen, a 20-year-old Goshen, NY native, put out his first full-length album called Senioritis. But now, as a sophomore in college, it seems Owen has graduated from writing a “Book Report” in high school, to a more grown-up album, set to drop Jan. 22.

Owen is now working on a free EP titled Keep Your Friends Close. DJ Grumble, Nico Marchese and Kinetics will all be featured alongside Owen on the CD, which is expected to show the young musician in a more mature light than the work he put out on his first record. Owen admitted that he has improved as a rapper since Senioritis was released.

“That’s basically what the album is about. It’s supposed to chronicle me going off to college,” Owen said. “[There’s] definitely a lot of different stuff referring to my life experience over the past year.”

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